Trade Details

DRAUGHTSMAN( CIVIL) :- The course gives a wide knowledge on construction related drawings, Surveying, material, Concrete Technology, Building specialization in Construction. One take gainful employment with construction Industry, Architectural firms/ designers/ pwd etc.

ELECTRICIAN :-The course has been designed in order to gives in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of conventional and emerging areas related to electrical engineering with emphasis on electronics like Electrical circuits, Basic Electronics, wiring practice, electrical mechines, measuring technique, Winding practices, Domestic Appliances & Lighting and Installation service & maintenance of electrical equipments. On successful completion, one can take employment with govt. Private sectors as well as self employments.

Information Communication Technology & System Maintainance (ICT&SM) :-This Trade broadly gives in-depth knowledge of Cables, connectors, Telephones, Cordless instruments, Telephone Exchange & EPABX System, FAX machines, Satellite Communication system, Measuring Instuments, Servicing VCR, VCP and VCD, Domestic Electronic-Applicances and computers, One can take employment with Govt, \ Private manufacturing Industries and also self employment.

Motor Vehicle :- The course broadly covers the complete functioning, overhauling of petrol & diesel Engines of vehicle of all categories being fuelled by petrol, Diesel & gases The courses has a good demand in the Automobile industry thereby giving advantage for either employment or self employment.

Refrigerator and A/C :- The course gives an in-depth knowledge on repair & maintenance or refrigerators, Centrally Air-conditioning system & air- conditioners available in the market. On successful completion, trainees can be absorbed in Railways, Govt./public sector under takings apart from self employment.

Fitter :-Fitter is a person who uses machine tools to make or modify parts, primarily Metal parts, and a process known as machining. This is accomplished by using machine tools to cut away excess material much as a woodcarver cuts away excess wood to produce his work. The demand of fitting of various nature, Plumbing, Welding, Black smithy, knowledge on various Lathes, drilling Machines, Sheet Metal works etc. the fitter workshops are equipped with modern and sophisticates Machineries , Equipment & tools . precision works are mainly handled by fitters in the industries.

Turner :-It use machine tools. Such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders, to produce precision metal parts. Although they may produce large quantities of one part, precision machinists often produce small batches of metals or one-of-a-kind items, They use their knowledge of the working properties of metal and their skill with machine tools to plan and carry out the operations needed to make machined products that meet precise specifications. The parts that machinists make range from bolts to automobile pistons. Some machinists, often called production machinists, may produce large quantities of one part, especially parts requiring the use of complex operations and great precision. Many modern machine tools are computer numerically controlled (cnc). Cnc machines, a computer program, control the cutting tool speed, change dull tools, and perform all necessary cuts to create a part.

Admission to be saught for Session 2016-17 in following trades

S.No. Name of The Trade No. of seats NCVT/SCVT
1 Computer Operator Programming Assistant 52 NCVT
2 Draughtsman (Civil) 26 26 NCVT + 26 SCVT
3 Electrician 42 21 NCVT + 21 SCVT
4 Electronics Mechanic 26 NCVT
5 Fashion Design & Technology 42 SCVT
6 Fitter. 42 NCVT
7 Information & Communication Technology & System Maintainance 26 SCVT
8 Interior Design & Decoration 26 SCVT
9 Mechanic Motor Vehical 21 NCVT
10 Plumber 52 NCVT
11 Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner 26 NCVT
12 Stenographher & Secretarial Assistant(Eng.) 52 SCVT
13 Stenographher & Secretarial Assistant(Hin.) 52 NCVT
14 Turner 16 NCVT
15 Welder 42 SCVT


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B.S. Negi, Principal